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Congratulations!Nancy won the membership of Shenzhen Illustration Association

Shenzhen Illustration Association is China's most professional and influential illustrator resource platform.Currently more than 13,000 illustrators have been registered.

The First and Only Illustration Industry Association in Mainland China.

Shenzhen Illustration Association (SIA) is the first and only illustration industry association in mainland China. Prepared from 2006, SIA was formally established in 2008, approved by Shenzhen Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau as well as Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau.

Since the first China Illustration Biennial in 2007, SIA has gathers a great number of illustrators and illustration amateurs in the past 14 years, contributing to the development of illustration industry so as to create a sound  environment and exchange knowledge between Shenzhen illustration industry and other regions. 

Since 2007, Shenzhen Illustration Industry Association hosted seven national illustration biennial and a series of illustration exhibitions and events. The CIB Exhibition, which has gone through for a decade, has been recognized by the international illustration circle and has become the most influential, professional, large-scale and high-level biennial exhibition in the domestic illustration art industry.

Judges from all over the world have fully affirmed the great progress of Chinese illustration in recent years. Shenzhen Illustration Association has reached a strategic and cooperative consensus with Hong Kong Illustrator Association and Macao Illustrator Association, in cooperation with the Tokyo Illustrators Society and     Japan Graphic Designers Association. These associations have been making efforts on the further development of illustration art in Asia. Integrated global resources and jointly built a platform for the illustration industry with global influence.

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